Benchmarking | Beijing Institute of Technology, Lenovo and Renaissance Hotel, China

On May 8 morning, 17 delegations from Universitas Mercu Buana visited our school. Director of International Student Center – Wang Ying, Associate Director of ISC – Zhao Kun, Vice Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering – Xi Junqiang, Vice Dean of School of Automation – Sun Jian, Vice Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology – Niu Zhendong, Vice Director of School of Management and Economics – Yan Zhijun, and Vice Director of School of Design and Art – Ji Yong met the delegations at the International Student Center.

Ms. Wang Ying welcomed the delegations. She stated that the two schools have established good cooperative relations since 2011. In the following years, both schools have exchanged visits and reached some program, such as student exchange, undergraduate dual degree program and master program. Currently, they have established undergraduate dual degree program in computer science, electrical engineering and industrial design. There are 29 students in computer science, 2 students in electrical engineering and 5 students in industrial design. 12 postgraduates were trained. On September, 4 new students will come to continue their study, including 6 young teachers.

Mr. Hadri Mulya, Vice Director of Academic, Cooperation and Student Affair of Universitas mercu Buana expressed his gratitute to Ms. Wang Ying for her intoduction. The delegations are heads of school and lecturers postgraduate program from Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Science, Management and Mecanical Engineering. Through discussion with the representatives of Beijing Institute of Technology, they will further expand the undergraduate programs, promote the possibility of double degree of master program and explore the teaching management models.

After the discussion, the delegations visited the library of our school, experienced the system of books retrieval, and praised the library’s convenience.

At the same time, the delegations also visited our school’s mechanical vehicle “Unmanned vehicle” in School of Information and Electronic science research exhibition laboratory. Beside of unmanned vehicle system, sensor system and other questions, they said our school’s scientific research capability has reached the world class level.

The visit has deepen the cooperation between the two schools and made good progress in international talent training and academic exchanges, in response to the national “all Along” initiative.


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